Strengthening AML programs with graph technology

Free webinar

On demand | 30 min


Anti-money laundering (AML) has become complex and costly for institutions and enterprises. Nowadays, to thwart criminal intricate strategies, financial crime units have to gather, monitor and investigate large amounts of connected data.  Graph analysis and visualization technologies can provide a holistic view of the various entities and their relationships to unveil wrongdoings. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

• how graph technologies like Linkurious can be additional assets to existing AML frameworks;

• how to automate the monitoring of high-risk customers;

•  assess risk-levels through visual analysis of suspicious cases.

Elise Devaux, Marketing Project Manager @ Linkurious

elise devaux

Elise is Marketing Project Manager at Linkurious. She works with Linkurious' team and partners to cover the emerging graph technology use cases. Previously she worked in the humanoid robotics industry on marketing projects and with third-party developers. She has a degree in digital media and communication strategies from Paris-Sorbonne University.